Registration is free for participants enrolled in one of the four partner institutions (McGill, UdeM, Poly, Concordia), and CAD 50$ otherwise. The link for paying the registration fees will be forwarded after acceptance of your application. Please contact Emilie Dessureault for any question. To apply, fill out the form below or access directly the google form.

The BrainHack School is open in priority to students registered at one of the four partner institutions. However, a quota of participants will be selected from outside of these universities, and possibly from outside of Canada. The selection of students is based on the following criteria:

  • ensuring a good diversity and complementarity of backgrounds across participants,
  • assessing whether participants will benefit from attending the school,
  • a lottery, if necessary.

Please apply for brainhack school with the form below and wait for confirmation of acceptance before registering through your university portal. There is a limited number of seats and priority will be given to students who take the course for credits. Check the information below for eligibility criteria.

  • Week 1 is an introduction to a range of computational tools, and is credited at McGill University (QLSC 612, “QLSC 612 - Fundamentals for Neuro Data Science”, Pr JB Poline, 3 credits).
  • Weeks 2-4 consist of designing and implementing a project. Graduate students can get credit for the project either at the Psychology department of Montreal University (PSY 6983 - Project in neural data science, Pr P Bellec, 3 credits), or at the computer science engineering department of Concordia University (COMP 490 or COMP 6971, projects, Pr T Glatard, 3 credits).
  • By registering through the office of inter-university cooperation, it is possible to get credit for both parts of the course, for a total of 6 credits. Brainhack schools also welcome participants from outside the four partner institutions, including from outside Québec and Canada.